Banners & Promotional Branding

Banners & Promotional Branding



A double sided sign supplied on two frame systems. A-frame banners can be printed in full colour onto PVC. Each banner is attached to an aluminium frame, making the A-frame double sided. The A-Frame itself is made from 25mm aluminium poles. The A-frames can be used indoors or outdoors. 


Frame Systems For Posters. Available in an aluminium finish, with or without lighting.

PVC Banner

Full colour print.They are versatile and comes in various sizes,Single or double sided.Easy to fold and store.Our PVC banner printing includes hanging banners, sale banners, polytwirl and canvas banners and are available in either vertical or landscape formats. 

Pop-Up Banner 

Full colour print, 3 sizes available, Carry bag included, Double or triple sided options available. Pop up banners are an excellent addition when you’re looking to promote your brand outdoors or indoors. They are easy to transport and assemble, utilizing a unique spring action set up that literally “pop’s open”, transforming a flat-packed display into a full eye-catching banner.

Banner Flags 

Sharkfin, Dolphin, Arc, Cluster, Telescopic, Teardrop Flags all come with Full colour print, 3 sizes available, Carry bag included, Single or Double sided options available. 

Printed Flags

Country Flags, Pole Flags, all Flags can be single or double sided.

Pull-Up Banner

Full colour print, Cost effective option for promotion, Single or double sided print, Re-usable and easily transportable, Perfect for Trade Shows and Events. Our roll up banners and pull up banners are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats, leaving you to choose from a wide range depending on the kind of visibility you want and where you would like to install them.

Banner Walls 

Full colour print, They are versatile and comes in various sizes. Inexpensive way of advertising

Single or double sided ,Easy to fold and store. Banner walls, or wall banners, offered at Budget Banners are one of the most convenient and professional looking pieces of marketing equipment that you can buy. Sometimes called media walls or backdrops, wall banner displays are perfect for special occasions, photo shoots, conferences, and promotional events.

X-Frame Banner

Full colour printGreat for indoor use, Eye catching, Easy to set up/transport. Printed onto PVC banners X-frame banners are also known as spider banners.

Beach Umbrellas 

Full colour print, Plain or Fully branded, Great to use for any season, Beach umbrellas have 8 printable panels. Ideal for outdoor brand promotion. Branded Beach Umbrellas in Cape Town are a must have if you’re looking to promote your brand identity or a summer promotional product at a beach event. These outdoor umbrellas are available in plain colours or fully branded and are printed on to a poly plastic material. Additionally, you can opt for every alternate panel to be printed/branded.

Parasol Umbrellas 

Full colour print, 3 sizes available, Four printable panels, Can be printed or plain in colour

Waterproof and wind resistant. Parasol umbrellas are the ideal outdoor umbrella being both durable and able to withstand wind. Budget Banner’s parasol and garden umbrellas are available in plain colours or printed with branding onto waterproof canvas.

Branded Gazebos

Portable Branded Gazebos, Full colour print, Includes a carry bag, Quick and easy to set up,

Efficient advertising solution, Folds down for easy transport. We provide top-quality products and our custom branded gazebos are no exception! One of the most efficient and hassle-free forms of advertising, these full colour printed gazebos are a must have for all indoor and outdoor occasions. They range from aluminium and steel framed Gazebos and are printed in full colour on to waterproof canvas and are supplied with guide ropes and pegs with every purchase.

Branded Chairs 

Full colour print, They are versatile and comes in various sizes , Inexpensive way of advertising

Single or double sided, Easy to fold and store. Branded chairs are a great way to promote your products due to their functionality and practicality. They are especially important for outdoor events where there are limited seating arrangements. Seating can possibly take up the most amount of surface area for the venue, so why waste all of this potential advertising space?

Starshade Branded Marquee

Full colour print, Offers the largest digitally printed area, Eye catching,

Available in medium and large, Printed on waterproof canvas. A star-shade branded marquee is a stunning addition to any outdoor field event. It offers the largest digitally printed area and is an absolute favorite when it comes attracting the most attention.

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