At Reproclinic Services (Pty) Ltd we can assist with the design, printing, manufacturing and installation of top quality signage. We do everything all under one roof so you do not have to find multiple companies to do what we do as one.

Floor Graphics

This is a highly durable digital branding option for product launches and promotional advertising. Floor graphics can also be cut to any shape or size specification. Put your floor space to use and direct shoppers to your promotions.

Light Box Signs


Light boxes and illuminated displays are an innovative way to draw attention to your brand. It increasing visibility and Back-lit graphics is one of the ways in which we achieve this. We offer a range of standard size light box options manufactured mainly from perspex materials. We also do made-to-measure. Tell us what you need and we’ll create something unique for you.

Perspex (Acrylic) Signs

Perspex (acrylic) signage is incredibly versatile and can be used in just about any environment. Acrylic won’t fade for years. Signs can be attached to walls with screws, mounted away from the wall or hung in an illuminated light-box frame.

Our perspex signage is available in various sizes and thicknesses. Signage or lettering can be cut to any size or shape and can be illuminated with LED’s.   

Stainless Steel Signs

Stainless steel, when laser cut, can really add a touch of class to any corporate or business environment.

Choose between a polished or brushed look. Various thicknesses and grades available to suit your specific application or project. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Stainless steel signs can be mounted on pins or just flat mounted to just about any surface. It does not readily corrode or rust or stain with water as ordinary steel does. Easy to clean and maintain. Make stainless steel your next choice in quality and affordable signage.  

Chromadek Signs

Chromadek signage is a versatile and cost effective material for basic signage solutions. Chromadek is an epoxy coated, galvanized steel sheet used for interior and exterior signage applications. The Steel sheet coating is painted and baked, resulting in a flat, highly durable surface. Panels come in two standard sizes : 2450 mm x 1225 mm and 3000 mm x 1225 mm. They can also be joined together to create a larger sign. Our chromadek signs come with a full color digital print and a protective UV Coating for added outdoor durability. Chromadek is also widely used for billboards and larger signage projects that require a high impact from a distance. Options include a aluminum frame and edge trim.  

Retail In Store Signage

In-store signage solutions ranging from custom wallpaper prints to Point of Sale displays.

Permanent and promotional signage, including;

  • In-Store window displays.
  • Floor Graphics.
  • Isle End Boards.
  • Suspended Posters.
  • Wobblers.
  • Display Boards.
  • Shelf Wings.
  • Brand Spotters.    

Window Graphics

Window graphics are the perfect way to draw attention to your storefront.

The term window graphic, technically refers to a single-piece full-colour printed vinyl graphic on a large area of glass. At Reproclinic Services (Pty) Ltd, we use mono-meric vinyl for all our window applications: window graphics and decals. Mono-meric vinyl is specially made for flat surfaces and for short, medium or long term applications.

Window decals are smaller, shaped graphics or individual cutout lettering on a partially covered window. Our sophisticated digital printers are equipped with laser controlled cutting capability. In other words, you get high quality window coverage with personalized decal work.  

Neon & LED

The prominence of backlit, 3D lettering creates an extra dimension to your business signage. Affordable LED lighting can be added to the back of your sign to give a halo effect. Attracting more attention and creating a high end look.  

Nothing glows like a beautiful neon sign. Taking us back to the glamourous 20's or the retro 50's Neon signs elicit an emotional response. Whether you prefer the traditional style and traditional materials or the traditional style but with modern technology, we have the ability to serve you with both.

Cable Signage

Modular Directional & Reception Signage

Module Plus Outdoor & Indoor is a versatile and proven exterior product. Module Plus Outdoor has been used in facilities throughout the world and is highly weather resistant. This modular, up-datable system offers a wide range of components that works together to create customized finishes.

The system consists of three post options – circular, elliptical and square – together with a range of panels available at 46 mm, 60 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm high. The use of panel supports an 8mm or 4 mm (reduction profile) allows the customer to create a custom panel of any depth. Accessories include a range of post caps, post feet and luminaries.

Lumi-LED Edge Lit Light Frames

Lumi-LED Edge-lit Light Frames are sleek, ultra-slim and superior in relation to its higher brightness, lower energy consumption and even light distribution.  

The “klik-frame” profile allows for quick and easy, front loading graphic changes. 

Klik Frames

32mm Security Profile aluminum frame.

  • Single/Double Sided
  • Standard Sizes: A4 – A0
  • The shape of the aluminum profile makes it difficult to open which acts as a deterrent against possible vandalism.


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